SYKE is using Creative Commons BY 4.0 International licence for open datasets. This licence applies to SYKE's satellite data.


Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) / Geoinformatics systems and Geoinformatics research units have produced these Remote Sensing products. Satellite products are based on several NASA, NOAA and EU Copernicus program satellite instruments. Currently Sentinel-2 (ESA), Sentinel-3 (ESA), Landsat-8 (NASA)and TERRA MODIS (NASA) satellites are utilized for monitoring. Previously also NOAA-AVHRR (NOAA), AQUA/TERRA MODIS (NASA), ENVISAT MERIS (ESA), RADARSAT (CSA) and AMSR-E (NASA) were utilized. ENVISAT MERIS and Sentinel-2 images have been downloaded from ESA. Landsat-8 and a subset of the AQUA MODIS images have been downloaded from NASA. NOAA-AVHRR and TERRA / AQUA MODIS images have been received by Finnish Meteorological Institute.

SYKE should be cited as a source if data is used in publications or in presentations or made available to the public in some other way. True-color images must be accompanied by an attribution text indicating the original data source. For example, for Sentinel-2 images: "Contains Copernicus Sentinel data (year of reception), SYKE" or Landsat-8 images: "Original images: USGS/NASA Landsat Program, SYKE". In case of scientific publications which explicitly make use of the products, the appropriate references are to be inquired from the Earth observation team: group@ymparisto.fi [group = eotuki.syke].