SYKE is using Creative Commons BY 4.0 International licence for open datasets. This licence applies to SYKE's satellite data.


Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) / Geoinformatics systems and geoinformatics research units have produced these Remote Sensing products. The products are based on NOAA-AVHRR (NOAA), TERRA / AQUA MODIS (NASA), ENVISAT MERIS (ESA), RADARSAT (CSA), AMSR-E (NASA), Landsat 8 (NASA) or Sentinel 2 (ESA) satellite observations. NOAA-AVHRR and TERRA / AQUA MODIS images are received by Finnish Meteorological Institute. ENVISAT MERIS and Sentinel 2 images are downloaded from ESA web server. Landsat 8 and part of AQUA MODIS images are downloaded from NASA web server.

SYKE should be mentioned as a source if data is used in publications or in presentations or made available to the public in some other way. RGB images must be accompanied by attribution text with original data source. For example for Sentinel series (S2 & S3) images: "Original images: ESA Copernicus Sentinel Data, SYKE" or Landsat 8 images: "Original images: USGS/NASA Landsat Program, SYKE". In case of scientific publications which explicitly make use of the products the appropriate references are to be inquired from the remote sensing team: group@ymparisto.fi [group = eotuki.syke].